Abbas Abad Garden

Abbas Abad Garden

Abbas Abad Historical Complex or Abbas Abad Garden is a beautiful space at the hillside of Alborz Mountains which is considered to be the most important Persian Garden in non-desert region and Iran tourism attraction. Abbas Abad garden or complex is located on a natural hill. The Safavid Engineers created the hill, stairs and platforms by cutting the hill and then they succeeded in creating a garden on three floors with staircase and creating a beautiful mansion at its highest point.

Abbas Abad GardenLike many Persian Gardens, architecture of this garden is also symmetrical and it causes an eye-catching scene. One of the interesting features of this Iran Historical garden is its paved roads that are part of this vast collection. The hydraulic system of the garden has 600 meters length and has been made of clay pipes. These pipes brought water to all parts of the garden and watered the trees.

Observing towers, water barrier and tower and pottery workshops are areas that have been discovered from this complex until now. One of the most important parts of this lake garden is the mansion which is located at the center of the lake.

  • Monument at the center of the lake

This brick structure which is located in the middle of the water is a base for a palace and this palace is ruined completely.  A witness for this claim is mentioned on 157th page of Abbasnameh Book. Here is the collection which confirms this existence.
“Shah Abbas II (Abbas the king) went to Ashraf village after hunting and went to Abbas Abad village as well. The retinues surrounded lake with best shape and decoration. Shah Abbas went to the island (the building in the middle of lake) and sat down in his hall “. The palace was connected with a wooden bridge to the northern part.

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