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Chehel Sotoun Garden

Chehel Sotoun Gardens (literally means forty columns) is one of the spectacular and historical places in Isfahan Province and it is an example of a Royal Persian Garden which is built during the Safavid period. In addition to Chehel Sotoun Garden, it is also referred to as Chehel-Sotoun Palace or the Chehel Sotoun Garden Museum as well. Chehel Sotoun Palace is located in Ostandari Street and has 67,000 square meters totally.

The reflection of the twenty pillars of this royal mansion on the large pool water has turned this garden and palace into Chehel Sotoun or forty pillar mansion. This mansion in the heart of a beautiful and glorious garden is the visual embodiment of the Persian architecture that reached its peak in the Safavid era.  This garden is a combination of Chinese and European architecture through Iran Tourism Attractions.

Chehel-Sotoun-GardenThe Chehel Sotoun garden has a main porch and octagonal pillars of plane and pine which are reflecting in the water. The palace inside itself is full of beautiful paintings by Reza Abbasi, a famous artist from Safavid era. His miniature style decorated the palaces.

Among the paintings, some of the pictures are depicted by two Dutch painters Anzel and Lugar which have been painted during the reign of Shah Abbas II. Indeed, the continuation of painting on the mansion during Qajar era by Agha Sadeq the painter who depicted pictures of the Chaldoran War and the Nadir Shah wars in the Hall of Mirror.


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