Iran Atractions | Bam and its Cultural Landscape

Attractions of Iran | Bam and its Cultural Landscape

The largest monolithic brick building in the world as Unesco World Heritages.

Arg of Bam, the world’s largest brick building, is one of the most important and most valuable historical landmarks between Iran tourism attractions. The predecessors of this great historic collection have built on a large rock near Bam city in Kerman province. Bam is a member of the great historical system, which is located among several other monuments.

The whole building is a large fortress located in the heart of the citadel in Iran history timeline but due to the appearance of the citadel, which is also the highest part of the complex; the entire castle is called the Bam Citadel.

The construction of the Bam citadel, as Iran tourism attraction, in its developed form consists of two sections of the Indigenous People’s Empire. The government sector, which is located in the inner wall, includes the military fortress, the four-seater mansion, the barracks, the 40-meter water well and the stables with a capacity of 200 horses. The residential area surrounding the government sector includes the main entrance of the city, the main route connecting the entrance to the castle and the market, about 400 houses and public buildings, such as school and sports facilities.

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