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Kerman is one of the metropolises of Iran and the center of Kerman province in southeastern Iran. Kerman is the largest administrative, political, cultural and industrial city. Due to the large urban extent of Kerman, the city is one of the metropolises of Iran. The city was famous for its six gates in the past due to the existence of six gates around this town. Due to Kerman importance in Iran, this city has been chosen as Iran capital in some periods.

Historical and valuable treasures have been evolved over time in Kerman which is reflecting the importance and social life of this region during different periods. Kerman province has a dynamic economy, agriculture and industries. The adobe castle, Bam, belongs to this beautiful city as well. The beautiful Bazaar of Kerman city, along with various ancient, natural and architectural monuments in this area, are always attracting tourists and exhibiting the tourism effects of this region.

Kerman is a province which has all types of monuments such as historical, natural and cultural all together.


Ganjali Khan Complex

The first Kerman tourism attraction is Ganjali Khan Complex. It has several buildings that have been built since the Safavid era. This collection was created by Ganjali Khan, a ruler during the Shah Abbas Safavid era. This collection includes Abanbar, School, Caravanserai and Ganjali Khan Mansion.

Shah Nimatullah Wali Shrine

This Shrine belongs to one of the elders of Iran who was a Persian Sufi Master and poet from the 14th and 15th centuries in Mahan city. Here is a gathering place for dervishes, Sufi people and mystics. This tomb has a tranquil and beautiful atmosphere. Its architectural appearance displays different six centuries architecture.

Shah Nimatullah Wali Shrine

Meymand Village

Meymand village is listed as UNESCO World Heritage and its cultural landscape has been registered on this list as well. Meymand is one of the few rocky villages in the world that humans still are living there. Also, numerous historical and natural attractions are located in this Iran tourism attraction. Good amenities and good tourism facilities are applied in this village that you can use in your travel to Iran. Mayman Village is one of the historical villages in the world where people keep their traditional relations and connections to life. The interaction of people and nature is comprehensive very well.

Meymand-VillageShahdad, Kalouts, The secret land of Kerman

In Shahdad Desert, there are 100 hectares of salt in the form of an egg boom that is not anywhere in the world. There is no one living in this area and everything is silent and peaceful. Walking through the heart of this city, Kalukhi, in spite of natural pristine beauty, picks up a beautiful horror in the sight of every passerby.

Gandom Beriyan which is the hottest place in the world is located in Shahdad desert in Kerman. There are different camping and local resorts near Shahdad to spend your night in desert.

Mahan Shazdeh Garden

In the past, the road between Kerman and Bam, which was as part of the ancient Silk Road, seemed to be the best place in the region to build an aristocratic garden which was later known as the Shazdeh Garden (the Prince Garden). The presence of a lush garden in the heart of the desert is attractive reason to visit this garden. Shazdeh Garden (literally means Prince garden) is one of the most spectacular Iran tourism attractions through Persian Gardens with a charming atmosphere and different facilities such as a restaurant and hotel. This masterpiece is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fath Abad Garden

Fath Abad Garden is one of the most visited destinations in Kerman. The Fath Abad Garden is located in the village of Ekhtiar Abad (25 km from Kerman) and belongs to the Qajar period. This is a monument in memory of Fazlali Khan. He was one of the Kerman’s Rulers and Fatah Abad Garden was a place of governance in Kerman. In the middle of this garden, there is an aqueduct, a four-seasons mansion, the central mansion and the tower, and its rain, make the garden fun and beautiful place.


The Arg of Bam

The largest monolithic brick building in the world as UNESCO World Heritages.

Arg of Bam, the world’s largest brick building, is one of the most important and most valuable historical landmarks between Iran tourism attractions. The predecessors of this great historic collection have built on a large rock near Bam city in Kerman province. Bam is a member of the great historical system, which is located among several other monuments.

The whole building is a large fortress located in the heart of the citadel in Iran history timeline but due to the appearance of the citadel, which is also the highest part of the complex; the entire castle is called the Bam Citadel.


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