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Nain  City

Nain is one of the cities of Isfahan Province, located in the Heart of Desert. The city of Nain dates back to more than 3000 years due to its remained ancient monuments as Iran tourism attractions.

The existence of various architectural constructions related to various Iran historical periods has attracted special attention to the city and has led tourists to travel to this city and travel to Iran.

Nain Jame Mosque

There is a building in the city of Nain, which has seen bitterness and sweets, wars and peace, tears and smiles of this city from the beginning to the present day. After all these years, remains magnificent, pride and glorious. The Nain mosque is Khorasan architecture style and has found the slightest change throughout history. The first part of mosque was built in the 2nd century AH and now is the largest part of the current mosque.

Narin Castle

Right in the heart of the desert is a magnificent building which is an old storyteller. The name of this historical castle is Narin Castle or Orange castle which has many speculations about its age. There is a legendary narrative that the fort was built at the time of the Kumars (one of the Persian legendary) and first humans through water and sea reached this area. There is another narrative that Narin Castle is a famous white fort in the Shahnameh. It is interesting to know that the fort was dating back to the Parthians and all Nain historical attractions are full of mystery.

Naein Historical Bazaar

Far from past to the present day, markets are one of the most important places between Iranian culture in every city that displays the liveliness and vitality of the society. Nain Historical Market is also considered to be such monuments that dating refers back Ilkhanian (one of Mogul dynasty in Iran). Among all the chambers and the alleyway behind the streets of this market, the magnificent gates called “Chehel Dokhtaran” (literally means Forty Girls) are an outstanding gem among all Iran Tourism Attractions of this market.

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