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Capital Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants, and warm friendly people. It deserves at least a few days of your Iranian itinerary.
Tehran is the capital and most populous city of Iran. The remnants of the Qajar, Pahlavi and of course after the revolution have turned Tehran into a city of cultural Iran travel destination.  The main and most famous symbol of Tehran is Azadi Tower.

Carpet Museum: The Persian Carpet Museum is one of Tehran’s special museums where you are able to visit the most elegant and beautiful Persian rugs. All the rugs that are represented in the museum are belonging to century 11th until the contemporary period. These carpets are located in different parts of our country and in each section of the museum there is a description of the difference between the role and materials used in the carpets of the same region. Among these areas are Isfahan, Tehran, Tabriz, Kashan, Mashhad, Qom, Sanandaj and Kerman.

Carpet Museum

Jewelry Museum: This place is known as the national treasury of jewels, but some also dubbed the museum and treasures. This treasure represents the ancient Iranian history and culture of the earth. Jewelry and items in the National Jewels Treasury are categorized into 36 categories, among which decorative ornaments, crowns, and necklaces, jackets, vases, food caps, hookahs, mirrors, crutches, beds and pins can be mentioned. The main jewels in this museum are the diamond of the sea of light, the peacock bed (the sunbed), the rare bed and the jewelry.

 Jewelry Museum

Negarestan Garden Museum: This place was the summer residence of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, consisting of a variety of sections, including 64 rooms, 4 halls and a library with 4 halls. Delgosha Mansion and the courtyard are also considered to be the most beautiful and famous monuments of the garden, which can be considered as an appropriate option for visitors, along with the Kamal-ul-Mulk Museum, which displays the works of this great artist and his students. Here is a great place to spend an enjoyable evening in a tranquil atmosphere.


Time Museum: The Museum of Time (Hussein Khodadad House) is one of the Iranian historical houses in Tehran, which is related to the Qajar era. This beautiful house and museum became nationally registered in 2003. In this museum, precious objects that are related to time and time are kept. Among these objects are watched from Iranian celebrities such as “Professor Mahmoud Hesabi” in the museum. The architecture and fine art of this museum attract the attention of every tourist and visitor. In the courtyard of the museum, sunshine, hourglass, blue clock and fuel hours are displayed in various historical periods and inside the museum, as well as mechanical wall clocks, desks, pockets, and wristwatches.

Time Museum tehran-iran

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