Kharturan protect area

In travel to Iran, one of the Iran tourism attractions is Kharturan Protected Area is located 140 km south-east of Shahrood and north of Iran’s central desert.

The pristine nature and beautiful scenery of this area are known as “Africa of Iran”.

This area includes three part, the National Park, the Wildlife Refuge and the Protected Area.

The Kharturan area is the second largest protected area in Iran tourism attractions after the Nayaband Wildlife Refuge in Tabas, which, in addition to being the largest biosphere reserve in the country, is the second largest biosphere in the world after Tanzania, and there are rare animals and plants in this area.

In this region, 41 species of mammals, 167 bird species, 42 reptile species and 2 species of amphibians have been identified. The most notable are Asian Zebra and Asian Cheetah.

The area was designated as a protected area under the management of the environmental organization in 1351 and in 1355 part of it was designated as a wildlife refuge. In the same year, the area received a biosphere reserve from UNESCO. Also, in the year 1381, the central parts of the complex were upgraded to the National Park.

The villages of the region

The most beautiful and charming village of this area is called the “Turan Wildlife Gate”, the village of Ghaleh Bala. This village is built on a mountain like Masouleh, which is not unnoticed.

The village of Reza Abad is also one of the other scenic areas of the Kharturan desert and Chudari tribal settlement. Living in the tribal clans of the tribe is pleasurable in the hiking season and can provide a new experience for tourists.

On the other hand, walking on the tallest hills of Iran’s sand, without thorns and shrubs and pebbles, with its suburbs and watching the desert landscape, the sunrise and sunset over the hills is very enjoyable and can fill the hours of tourists.

In addition to these exciting tours, one can also admire its handicrafts; a spectacular vogue including  Glim, Tobreh, and Embossed patterns, a carpet … inspired by nature around them.

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