Tabriz Top Things To Do

Tabriz is located in Eastern Azerbaijan in Mountainous area. Here is an introduction to have a vivid vision from Tabriz. Best time to visit this historical Iran city is spring and summer.

Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque, also known as Globe Mosque, is one of the most famous and one of the most prominent places in Tabriz and between Iran tourism attractions. The name of the Blue or Azure is due to its extremely delicate blue tiles and its complexity on the walls and ceiling of the mosque. This mosque is a masterpiece and symbol of Islamic architecture with Islamic scripts and motifs.

Grand Bazaar
Tabriz Grand Bazaar in 16th century was a major trading place. This market was famous as one of the most beautiful markets in the world and the largest indoor market (Bazaar) with high dome roofs and numerous streets. Everything that you imagine can be found in this Bazaar such as spices to jewelry are sold throughout the market and visitors enjoy being lost in the alleys of the market.
Be sure to visit the carpet market. The collection of beautiful Iranian carpets and each hand-woven carpet has world fame. In the Safavid period (the 16th century), the market was considered to be the most important trade center of the Silk Road. This bazaar is listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

Kandovan Village
Kandovan Village, one of Iran Must See through your travel to Iran, is a small residential area. Each house is carved into the rocks of the mountains like a cave. About 100 households live in this village. Kandovan Village is far from Tabriz for about an hour driving. If you go to this village in the winter and snowy days, you’ll be all the beauty of it.


Saint Stepanos
The Church of St Stepanos, or the Church of Stepanos, is the second most important Armenian Church in Iran. This building is located in East Azerbaijan province, 16 kilometers west of Jolfa city and 3 km from Aras River through Iran local people in this area called Ghezel Vank (Red Monastery). The church was built in the 9th century but suffered serious damage caused by the earthquake that was restored during the Safavid period in Iran history. This church is respected by all Christians and almost all religions, but it is belonging to the Christians Gregory, who resides in Armenia. In one day of the year, thousands of Armenians gather at this point to take their special ceremonies and ceremonies along with their pilgrimage. There are also three other churches within the Stepanos Church in the Dara Valley.

Eill Goli
Tabriz tour will not be completed without Elli Goli Garden or Shah’s Pool (King’s Pool). Eill Goli, one of the busiest and most popular Iran tourism destinations in Tabriz, attracts many history enthusiasts at night especially.

In fact, this garden is a palace that is located in the middle of a large Island. Do not miss eating egg potatoes of this area. Goli in Turkish means Pool and this lakes’ depth is around 12 meter.

City of Museums
There are 21 museums in Tabriz, so this city is known as Museum city as well. Famous museums are Qajar, Constitutional (Mashrooteh), Azerbaijan and Municipality (Shahrdari).
Tabriz Colorful Mountain
Aladaglar or colorful mountains is one of the natural wonders that is located 25 kilometers northeast of Tabriz and on the route to the cities of Ahar-Khajeh. These mountains have a special view due to their especially copper and yellow color in sun lights. The colorful mountains start near Mianeh City and continue until the route between Ahar and Tabriz.

Tabriz Tourism Attractions show us reach history of this city, but these are not the only elements that reflect Tabriz civilization. Tabriz traditional cuisine also plays an important role in displaying the culture of the city. Here is famous for its delicious food. Tabrizi foods are so varied that can satisfy all tastes. Do not forget to taste Tabriz local food and sweets.

There so many special features about Tabriz to be said. For further information, you also can read this blog about Tabriz. Hope you find them useful and interesting to have a memorable trip to Iran.

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